Add new opportunity

by Adriana Oliveira

Opportunities in Assemble are like job offers; they are usually advertised on the organisation’s website so anyone can search and apply for it.

Not all opportunities will be published on the public site or open to everyone to apply for it - this will depend on the opportunity type.

Opportunity types

InternalExternalUnlistedOn-goingOne-OffFixed Term

Opportunities for which the advert is placed internally will only show on the public site to logged users and will have an internal flag. Therefore, only existing volunteers can apply for it.

You shouldn't add new applicants to an internal opportunity, as applicants don't have access to Assemble until they are cleared they won't be able to complete their application, therefore the application will be stuck.

Opportunity wizard

If you have the right permissionyou can recruit for a volunteering role by creating a new opportunity. We call wizard the collection of steps you need to complete to create an opportunity.

To access the wizard click on Recruitment from the left-hand menu and select Opportunities, then click on Add new at the top of the page to reveal the opportunity wizard.

Out of the box, the opportunity wizard has the following steps:


You must complete all mandatory information on each stage, a red cross will be added on top of the stage progress bar if any information is missed, you can always go back to any stage to amend it. You won't be able to create the opportunity until all steps are correctly completed.

Navigate through the tabs to find out more info for each step:

Opportunity DetailsRole DetailsAdvertSummary

“This opportunity is…” you will find this at the very top of this stage, and here is where you will see if the opportunity is within your organisational sphere or if it's an external opportunity for a partner organisation.

To create an external opportunity you will need to have the URL users redirected when they click to apply. You must have the right permission4 to be able to add external opportunities.

Follow the onscreen instruction to complete this section of the external opportunity.


If the opportunity is within your organisation click the select button to set the opportunity role profile.

You can choose from existing roles available to you, or if you have permission select the "Add new role profile" card to create a new role profile.


If you choose to "Add a new role profile", your opportunity won't be published until the role is approved.

Once you have selected your option, click the "Save & Close" button, and follow the onscreen instructions.

Most of the opportunity details will be pre-filled when you choose an existing role profile. Make sure all is good before pressing next.

You can override the opportunity description and advert text if you have the permission3,2 to do so.

  Required permission(s)

  • Opportunities:
    • Can manage opportunities
    • Create opportunity - use wizard1
    • Override opportunity advert text2
    • Override opportunity description3
    • Create an opportunity for partner organisation4